Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chunks are Falling

Click to see full pic

Chunks are falling off again
 And it doesn't feel sublime

Artistic maybe?


Chunks are falling artfully again

WOW - amazing patterns!

 Kaleidoscope of patterns

I wonder who I AM under all of this?
How much longer please?


  1. I love this. I just finished a meditation where chunky raw meat flesh-like pieces were falling from my neck, giving way for a sapphire blue jewel to shine through.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing that Kyra. The visual came so strongly amidst an emotional day. Reflecting on the experience of 'old patterns' rising and then falling away. REFINEMENT. The beauty that exists under the baggage. The beauty and light that is our true nature.

  3. Could I have loved more
    by dancing?
    Could I love more now
    by being the dance?
    Could I love more later
    transcending the dance altogether?

    Akka B
    if I had known you at a different time and place
    We could have loved like it was going out of style.
    Yet I shall be content
    loving far, far away
    in a place you could never visit
    in a place where you and I never existed.

    It was all a dream anyway.

  4. chunks are falling... witness the leftovers in awe... that Magnifiscent, playful, joyful, fearless, astute, fluid, humble, strong, loving, surrendered, powerful, intense, aware, mysterious, empty (or full), always present "I"

  5. "Detach with Love..." Ouch! "Detach with Love..." I give it to you, God! Ouch! Oh no, Not that one! "Detach with Love..." Ouch! Maybe I will just take a nap. Thank you, silence!

  6. As Gurumayi once said, "When the mirror breaks into a million pieces, you see the many reflections of your Self everywhere."

  7. I think it may be time to write about mirrors. Thank you Rajalaxmi - perfection.


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