YOU ARE * Drunk Love Heart

  You really are! If you have found your way to this page, consider it confirmed, because after all, everything is totally meant to be. And I mean "totally" with every ounce of the California Girl Spirit running through my veins. 

  What is a Drunk Love Heart and by the way, what does Love and Heart have to do with being DRUNK? 

  Have you ever watched a baby cling to its mother's breast, voraciously pressing its little hungry mouth into the source of all nourishment? Then, when completely satiated, pop itself off with a roll of the head, a dizzying smile (like it knows something you don't), and a gurgling milk drool-bubble slipping down the side of its face? That's what I'm talking about when I'm talkin' the language of DRUNK. 

  The Bliss Buzz is an experience of deep Self-Joy - our birthright. And if you do not pursue it - IT will pursue you. When you have feasted on even a teeny tiny morsel from this unconditional haven - you will want more. Guaranteed. 

  HOW DOES ONE GET IT? Everyone has experienced the 'buzz' in a large, small or medium form at some point in life: The pure exchange in a lovers arms, the moment you find out you got the job, the birth of something new, the release of something old, a really good dream, moments of wild nature freedom, moments of complete and perfect silence. 

  This place called DRUNK LOVE HEART is about exploration and enjoyment of our unity; the beauty moment, when we re-meet our source, our love, and our peace. I use poetry, drawings, and various other mediums to share my ongoing relationship with the dance of creativity - the dance of life. 

  My wish is that by finding yourself in this sweet corner; this tucked away cavern of the heart - you might be encouraged to more closely examine where love lives in who-you-are, what you are willing to do for it, and what it is willing to do for you. 

From My Drunk Love Heart to Yours... 

All My Love, 

akka b. 

My goal is you
Waterfall of unity
Resting place in peace
Peace in place
I drink you

Where I can find you

Of course I look in all the usual parts
And unusual too

When I do trip across your obscurity;
I promise to share with all --- my joys

When I DON'T trip across your obscurity;
I promise to share with all --- my truth

My goal is you
My source is you
And the enormity of this love - what it coaxes from me
And what it coaxes me toward


- akka b.