Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introductions and Politities

I am Akka. There is a longer version of my name, but I don't feel like telling you about it. It contains everything scrumptious about me and private. But I am confident that without revealing too much, I can still share everything. Just call me akka from concentrate. Although my friends will probably laugh at the word "concentrate."

Here's the menu: Fanciful and succinct, tossed with charm and truth. I hope I make you cry - because my story is the same as yours. I hope I make you laugh - because the joke is on all of us. I don't like to explain things too much. It bores me. I get off on cutting out the heart of a story, a feeling, a desire, and casting it towards the firmament as a sacrifice for the gods.

Take your clothes off. I'll make you tea.

(Was that polite enough?)


  1. Yes! I was actually thinking you needed a blog! I was meaning to tell you this on FB only 2 days ago! I will be a follower and be inspired! I think this is just the place for you.
    Lots of love,
    (PS come visit me on my blog sometime :))

  2. I'm going to jump on your blog right now! Thank you graciously for stopping by. Come any time. ;-)

  3. This is really the best thing- fun, exciting, compelling and is a blessing for everyone to be able to be a part of this word demon/goddess world you have created. I am so proud of you that you clicked GO so that us little ants can crawl to the sugar that you have written. Only one should be written on a old fashioned typewriter while sitting by a fire in a cabin somewhere in northwest Vermont.

  4. I think I prefer South Vermont, but the old fashioned typwriter and cabin are spot on. Thank you.


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