Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shh... Try Again

Quiet now. I’ll try again. 
I don’t care what the world says about how hard things are. 
I will not believe, I ever have to not believe, in goodness.

The sun rises everyday right?

I will not give up.

There IS more to this world than pavement and paychecks, 
there is more to this world than fear.

And if more of us fought not to pull others down, 
but to lift others up, I think things might start looking 
a little different around here.

Quiet now. I have a plan. I don’t care if you think it does not make sense. I believe sense is a personal thing.

Let's take out the scrub brushes and resolve to break resentment one piece at a time. Or…we could blast it apart with a canon thingy.

I will not give up.

There is much to do and I will not settle. 
I will not put a harness on wishful thinking.

Quiet now.


  1. Your heart shares so sweetly, flowing to mine. Thanks Vasudha

  2. mmm.MMMMMMMM!! i TRIED to be quiet Akka.. I did.. really did. Your poetry though, tickles me so.. makes me feel like life is almost becoming anew right now.. and now .. and now and NOW! and then again. Thank you for sharing your lovely... ness with us.. and me.

  3. It is my great good fortune to be able to...Thank YOU. For being you and open enough to be tickled.

    Come back for more - anytime.

    My smile jumps off my face for you. wheeee.

  4. Thank you so Akka much for brightening my day..LA is a great big on-ramp with no one smiling in their shiny boxes and it makes me wonder-Why? and you say fiercely Why not! Why not say YES and spread some smiles..I'm with you.

  5. Go get em tiger! Smile with all your might. The streets of LA will come begging you for more.


  6. I want to fire the cannon thingy,
    and blast goodness across the neighborhood,

    we could also add smiles to water balloons..:)

    if it's ok...:)


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