Thursday, March 26, 2009

What to do in the case of a BOOGIE MAN.

The question has arisen more than once recently:
“Is it safe to go hiking alone?”

My response to this:
“Why? Because of Mountain Lions?”

And to this, the reply:
“Well, no…because of ‘OTHER THINGS’.”

I was unaware the “boogie man” had been in such high demand.

~ ~ ~

Having never myself been afraid of the "boogieman" I forgot about the subject and went for a hike this afternoon. Needing to shake out my restless mind...I went steep, panted deeply and enjoyed lush narrow trails and curvaceous foothills.

But my mind, in its stubborn restlessness, revisited the former subject.

“Hmm?”…Thought I.

In the same moment a very large man approached from the incline above. He looked questionable, like he might be one of the “boogie men.”

Quickly I fantasized about what to do should he decide to pull off his “I’m just a normal guy going for a walk” - mask.

Unarmed I had to think fast. And I did. I decided I would ferociously grab a large bunch of poison oak (growing in bounty everywhere) and smear it in his face. HA! That would show him. ~ Except for the part where he could just as easily smear it in mine, which would make us even...except for the concern about him weighing 150lbs more than me, which in turn - put me back in the “at risk” category.

Meanwhile the “boogie man” and I crossed paths, said a friendly "hello" and continued on our way.

I had to revise my plan…

I determined myself NOT to be the poison-oak-smearing-in-a-strangers-face-kind-of-girl. I must stay true to myself in the case of a boogie man. Imagined or not.

The REMEDY: Magical Fairy Wands.

When in fear – imagine a magical fairy wand in your back pocket. If you have any doubts…just whip that baby out and shake it lovingly over the predators head. (It might be best to just imagine this part and not actually do it). Hence, enchanted stars and golden fairy dust will fall out (maybe a few pink hearts) and instantly all negativity is dispelled.

I am happy to report this method worked with brilliant results: The boogie man walked all the way back down the hill, returned to his car, and drove back home. And I happily enjoyed the rest of my journey UP ~ and consequently back down...with a rested mind, a bouncy walk, and a rather largish grin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Thank you for directing all magic wand inquiries here.

First off, every magic wand is unique. Please make sure to decorate your personal wand to the colors of your liking.

When using your imaginary (but actually real) magic wand, please ONLY visualize it. If you start bopping people over the head with an invisible wand that only you can see, you may give them good incentive to actually throw you off the cliff.

What I like about using a visualized magic wand on people or situations is that it takes the "I have to protect myself" fear based energy out of a sensitive encounter. Instead you are showering your (justified/unjustified) fears with TONS OF LOVE.


~ anyway, love is what it craves.

PS...sometimes a brand new wand must be activated. If you are having trouble getting it going...insert a SMILE. Should take care of the glitches.

Good Luck!


  1. I really enjoyed this! I will try this method. May I say, very entertaining...

  2. Love this! I have been visualizing the magic wand after reading your post earlier. I have not been using it on other people, but myself at moments when I feel I need protection. I feel joy and playful.
    Especially thinking back to our banter back and forth on your earlier posts ~ lol!

    "When in doubt SHOWER YOUR FEAR WITH LOVE!!" this is really important for me to remember.

  3. Can I keep some poison oak in my back pocket just in case I drop my magic wand ?...:)
    you know, how I lose things...


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