Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's about time I told you about it...

I'm not sure when it started. The pink thing.
But before you all run off (boys) it's not any ordinary PINK thing. It's more or less an under current, a state of mind, a feeling.

subtle ya know.

Like a butterfly - a very small butterfly that has very barely pink wings that comes to alight on your shoulder when walking through deep trenches.

It may have started when I was little, but I found it out when I became big,

the profundity of it.

So misunderstood...generally people think about Barbie's, or acrylic nails, or frilly sorts of deeply under satisfied princessy type girls.

alas, sigh...

anything can be abused.

even color.

Pink, is at its best when only used in small hints, a touch here, a dab, a dollop. So one can retain the feeling of it, like a wink, or a nod, or a half used smile.

Gentle like the touch of your pinky --- to another persons pinky. Especially when you have been wanting to touch that other persons pinky for a very long time...

and the heart flutters slightly and the cheeks blush.

So anyway, I just thought I better share with you my relationship with pink, if you didn't already know...because if you follow carefully you will find I refer to it often in words, or images, or in hints here and there.

Like a heart opening if you will.


  1. Yes, how some things can be misunderstood. Love your blog~ Yelena

  2. yes...how some things can.

    so glad to share this with you.



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