Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Experiments

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i was thinking…as i do.

about what to put in my good morning cuppa.

ya know…there are the ordinary things

like hot water and dark roasties,
or bags of tea
and lemon.
but this morning i considered another type of brew…
if i pour myself a cup of blessings
i wouldn’t have to wait
to have them bestowed.


and i could mix in anything i like

well, i do like a lot of things…

but i could mix in all the positivities in a positively kind of way,

then drink them.
pour them in - and down

i could “Fill er UP”

(me up)
with what i like.

what do you like?

do you take sweet with your cuppa kindlys?

do you take kindly to your cuppa sweet?



  1. Lovin' these images I tell ya! You got it goin on! That above is too cute!

  2. I'll have a Large cup of Blessings please...
    with lot's of cream and honey...


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