Monday, April 20, 2009

Spurt - the weekly

It's been a mighty week. Dunno what the planets are doing - but I reckon it's a little of it all.

Whatever "it" is, I would like to say one thing:

The good Love Tonic is seeping through the seams, squeezing through the cracks, out to get us no matter which way we turn.

Looks like a flood. Feels like a volcano.

and I am pretty sure "it" is everything we have always wanted.

If we don't try and out run it.

Besties to ya,

akka b.


  1. I tell ya, I am feelin' it too. My heart has never felt fuller. I am taken aback when I least expect it, and find my eyes welled with tears of love. My son induced unexpected tears out of me this morning at breakfast. This time it was my 5 year old.
    Happy Monday!!!!

  2. You go girl. You've said it. I think it is the planets fooling around with us. No matter were you are on this planet it touches everybody.
    Two more days to go before the weekend stops by. Love the picture by the way.

  3. I love it when the weekend stops by...I have tried ever so often to convince it to stop by more regularly. I'll make sure to keep the door unlocked just in case.

    Thanks so much you full hearted ones...for letting yours spill here.


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