Monday, May 25, 2009



I thank each and every one of you for stopping by.
Sharing perspective, stories, laughter, tears...
but above all...friendship. Thank you for your

It's like a full moon on a Monday morning experiencing
so many beautiful souls so near.

Gives me hopeful feelings...
Like it might be o.k. to continue.

Intimately. Openly. Fearlessly.

~ i hold your hands


  1. What a beautiful photo of you. Seems like you have a lot of those!
    I am grateful you are traveling this road and I am able to observe and join in at times. It is such a fantastic journey. I am glad we are sharing our experiences in this online journal world (refrained from the blog word).
    Keep going. Don't look back! Giggle often!

  2. Beauty, she is beauty in the raw...Nothing held back. Healing words to create new thoughts.Interfaced with the realm of LOVE...DRUNKLOVEHEART...Seeing clearly.

  3. Wildflower ~ It has been so reassuring knowing you are playing this game too. The exposure game, the just do it anyway game. And I love your journey ~ so genuine.

    Anonymous ~ you are so generous with your drunkeness, your lovingnessess and your big bursting beam of a heart. Thank you.

  4. What you give you always get back in return. Love these words, love the fact you're opening up to us. Just being YOU.


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