Monday, May 4, 2009


I breathe in deeply…
You are that close to me
The push of air in me
Inside my chest

You are the wind in me
And outside of me
The rise and fall of me
The very best

Like infinity
You circle through me
The gentle god in me
And all the rest


  1. MoonStar ~ you are so good at tucking your sweet comments into corners for me to find. ~ thank you!

  2. I'm holding my breath as you breath in deeply.
    What a stunning picture. Who is the second light in the picture? You're great love?
    I think it's wonderful, two spirits circle around eachother.

  3. I am floating....Ae

  4. I remember the Friend. I feel drunkenness in yin my heart and your words. I share your spirit. We are friends in friendship. My home town is also my heart. Love floats in the sky and whipps around the curve, its a boomerang that lands softly. Pureness and generousness.


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