Sunday, May 17, 2009

Under Re-Construction

Holding life between my teeth, I shake it from side-to-side.
Ripping apart skin that holds it all together.

Sloughing off what's dead.

Eating up leftovers.

Re-assembling as usual.

Things get rusty. oil.

Things get dirty. wash.

Things get tired. sleep.

Things get hungry. eat.

In the spirit of renewal allow me to introduce...
the spin cycle.

This is my long winded way of saying "POSTING"
has temporarily taken a back seat to "HOSTING"
- in this new place of mine.

Getting acquainted with many new rooms in my
"House of Great Expansions."

Giving myself a little extra time to organize:
Re-install favorite Subjects,
Re-place broken Bureau's,
Polish the Foundation...and so on and so forth.

If you know what I mean?

So hang in there,
the poetry will be back in a blast-ish sort of way.

as soon as i take some things out of the dryer.


  1. Hurry with your dryer. Your poems always comfort me so much, like a warm blanket. Hmmmmmm.

  2. By the time I actually say what is going on ~ usually it is over and done with. So most likely this will be a very busy week for the inebriated love-heart.

    Glad you are warming yourself on this fire Ms. Bare Foot Traveler. ;-)

  3. I am trying to figure out what you have brewing here. The anticipation is killing me! What could it be? Well, I look forward to when you are back in action!

  4. Worth the wait, as always..Ae


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