Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome or Nay

i couldn't write last night.

or the night before that.

or the night before that.


the elements
have center stage.

antagonizing each other...

FIRE calls for WIND, wanting more. WIND lures FIRE "this way."

together they haunt parched ground with unseen footsteps

snatch brittle limbs from burdened trees

not a time to question the grand old mystic,

if ever there had been doubt neath sunny skies

anything that can move rattles,
anything that can't move, rattles too.

the whole world in motion, welcome or nay.

WIND makes noise in rusty chimes

suspended from a crying house

animals watch, hide and prowl ~ like people.

bugs hit lampshades - sound like rain

bugs are nervous

but at least they sound like rain.


  1. Rattle Snake, Rattle...XO

  2. Snake Rattle Snake ~ Just for the record. ;-)

  3. Let the wind blow it all away. And the rain wash it clean again. Hugs.

  4. hey! that's me in the photo that goes with poetic writer's block... hmmmm...

  5. Are you having a moment of inter-dimensional providence? I was wondering when you would notice your album cover. What album cover is it pray tell? I like to give credit where credit is due.

  6. it's just a photo of me on S.M. beach when I was a kid. on the balance beam. when it was wood. (i think it's steal now.) I think it was wood! but now I'm not sure.

    this got me thinking all about santa monica back in the day. was kinda edgy there by the pier, expecially after the sun set. there were acrobats that would congragate on the grassy patch near the rings and since I was a guymnast and they were big guys, they would flip me up in the air and catch me. so fun.

  7. Wow! So it really is YOU? I thought I was just taking pictures of some neat old vintage album propped on your shelf. This image is SO much more special now that I know why I like it.

  8. Rattle Snake, Rattle Snake..Snake Rattler..Rattler? Snake Rattler...Did you go walking again today?Ae


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