Wednesday, June 24, 2009

worshiping rocks

Oh yeah ~ yeah this is the ONE.

Its gotta be.

I mean look at the incredible baLance.

Large and solid

Beautiful contours.

Light saturating surface

yet so much character,

dark undercurrents - dusty texture

Not Going Anywhere, that's for sure.

yeah, this could totally work.


  1. Akkaji,
    I think you found a dinosour egg. If you hear a scratching on the roof... don't answer...:)

  2. Goodness, I had to scroll down to see the goodies I had missed since my last visit. I love all these new posts.
    I had to comment on this one as a fellow rock worshiper myself. Looks like you did find a good one! Makes me miss venturing into Matilija Canyon and sharing some alone time with the many wonderful rocks half submerged in the flowing stream.

  3. I am so lucky in my findings Narayan~

    and Michelle...

    over the years, I have had to train myself how NOT to pickup every single rock I see.

    I fall in love too easy.

    With, ya

  4. ha! ~ Likewise my friend, likewise.

  5. Akkaji,
    Zipruanna had lots of pockets so he could keep all the rocks he fell in love with....

  6. Narayanji ~ Zip had pockets, Akka has backpacks.


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