Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cracked Heals and a Dirty Heart

It had a heart-on. it.

One dirty foot that walked a long long way...
got a blister
and had to wear a band-aid.

one sweet little dirty foot that doesn't like to be confined

with cracked heals

and funny toes

rubbed up against a stubborn shoe.

and old shoe - that wasn't made for walking.

BUT - it was a willing shoe and a willing foot and so they went ahead.

and walked.

as feet and shoes tend to do.

and at the end of the night...

that sweet little dirty foot was sore, but satisfied.

cracked, but unconfined.

tired, but funny tired.

and at the end of the next day when it was time to undress the blister...
well, it turns out it wasn't much of a blister at all.

after all.

and well worth the little rub --- with that old stubborn shoe.


  1. And a "hobbling we will go, hand and hand" with a baquette and some good cheese and perfected green olives please....XO Ae...

  2. burning blisters
    beautiful hearts
    sweet feets...

  3. oh, just great again ....


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