Thursday, October 29, 2009


Not feeling tortured at every turn can be a challenge as a writer. Sometimes I feel it would be much easier if I had something to hate more, if I liked cigarettes and long tall dizzying drinks, if I had more black in my closet or disparaging opinions hanging around. What am I thinking anyway? Writing about trees and rocks and dirt and sky and moon and weird things like feet and lightning and supernatural phenomenon? I mean you should probably feel sorry for me or something; at least that would be writer-ish - if I could get someone to feel sorry for me. Then I would brood aimlessly and act indulgent. Gosh that would be cool.

I'm not cool. That's just it. I'm way too warm and fuzzy to be cool. I like to sniff people. I like to slurp things. I talk to inanimate objects - affectionately. I light candles and pray to stuff, or about stuff - either. I do cry sometimes, but then I laugh about it. I laugh and laugh and laugh, hard and loud and not in a very hip way at all. Nope, not very hip...not at all.

So about those rocks...


  1. I have to kiss you!
    But what with I do then with my eyes
    When they start flashing
    Like neon lights -
    Dance at Joy's ?

  2. you are so way cooool...

  3. too bad, cause I am way cool! haha your awesome!

  4. hey akka b. -- why not do the 50,000 word essay contest (that's approx. 175 pages, I think)? if you really want to be cool, and you are btw, then why not put down one hell of a cool novel with your amazing hot prose. all of us (there's like 18,000 world wide) doing this project will have 30 days to complete approx. 1600 words per day to get to our goal of novel completion.

    been a big fan of yours since waaaay back, but now will be your writing buddy if you join the fray and fracas of NaNo!


  5. I LOVED reading this today. Made me smile. I have realized recently that when I'm happy...really happy....I think something is wrong with me. What's that about?? It's ok to be happy and content in this crazy, overworked, overstressed, depressed world.
    Who needs cigs and alcohol?? Gross. Hahaha!! I like warm fuzzy WAY more than cool.

  6. Dear Akka all I can say is YOU ROCK! Stay who you are my friend.

  7. I always got the impression that you were exceptionally cool ... the warm, fuzzy thing is a bonus :)

  8. Cool is a frame of mind...
    and your frame of mind
    is cool,


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