Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pockets of Heart Stuff

I have approximately 5 minutes to write something wonderful and then it's off to work. Isn't it funny that poets must go to work? I am ever amused. In my perfect poet-world, I would sit by a river and lean my back into a tall tree, letting poems fall on me like dry leaves. And if the falling poems made no sense I would spread them out and roll in them. If still they made no sense, I would crunch them up and put them in a stew. Undoubtedly I would swell with fever as I leaned over the steaming cauldron of foliage, because of course in my perfect poet-world I would be a naked poet - tethered to the search for meaning. Punishing myself a little in beautiful surroundings. Alone mostly. Free?

Oops. 5 minutes is up.
Off to work.


  1. i love you, Akka B. Mahadevi Brianna !!
    you inspire.


  2. Dear one,
    In your perfect poet world
    You would never be alone.
    Your perfect poems
    Of love and longing
    Would attract
    The shy deer
    From the forest,
    And we would all
    Hide behind the trees
    And watch you dance.


  3. Oh Sri Govinda,
    Help with the fever,
    catch a few lost poems
    eat some fresh Non-sense stew
    Oh Yes!

  4. Even a shorty from you is wonderful and stunning. Thanks, hope you had a good day at work.

  5. Aka, i 'll spin with you till the breath is one, the song is one......
    Thankyou you my dear Apsara.
    This wonderful heart of yours is my evening sunset!

    Honest words, full and intense!
    i don't even know you, but i feel your love....and this makes evrything so easy.
    i'm running to you!

    i'm so lucky to come across you .
    You beautiful human, an Angel of love.
    Thankyou for these open which i'll place my soul blindfolded.

    Who can hurt me with such a beautiful soul like you around!

    Thankyou for being down to earth.
    with you, it becomes so full of magic!

  6. Aka, i'll spin with you together as one breath, one song,
    you capture my soul with a mantra....trees and leaves and poems.

    My everyday nourishments....are just in this!!

    i'll run to you...knowing that you 're the wind and the sky on fire.i don't need to know more than that!

    i will watch you throw your line into the ocean and pull out a sunset.

    Thankyou for finding me....and pointing to be the beauty of your world!
    Thankyou for your comment, one sentence but what a sentence!

    Diffuse your love and make this world beautiful.
    may you be loved!!

  7. leaves are fun...:) and work helps the mind 'break'

  8. it's you
    falling from the tree
    inspite of, in front of
    turning, crunching, swishing
    until you get what you came for
    another way to be


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