Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Ends Of A Very Long Rope

Two ends of a very long rope.

Rope THE MAN gave me.

"Here's your rope" said the man.

"See how far you can get whilst holding both ends simultaneously."

Having always been up for a challenge, I agreed.

So with my RIGHT hand I picked up one side.

And with my LEFT hand I picked up the other.

There were no instructions included.

It was a game with no rules.

Except that part about holding on with two different hands.

Naturally, give and take transpired between what was RIGHT and what was LEFT.

And the two ENDS were equally BEGINNINGS.


Except for that part about one being RIGHT and one being what...

was LEFT.

if you know what i mean?


  1. I understand, and metaphorically this is for me not just about love, love...XO Ae I however do love you!


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