Monday, January 18, 2010

Box-Spring Brain

sassy eye.

you have a taste for wit don't you?

you take comfort in contradiction, yes?

and a sort of appetite for opposites...?

sassy eye.

How is your box-spring brain going?

Have you ever considered not bouncing on it?

Would you like to rent it out for a while?

sassy eye.

What about that mouth of yours?

When will you speak the words you so cleverly harvest?

Are you interested in this sort of art?

sassy eye.

Would that be opposite enough for you?

Not swallowing so hard.


  1. Your poems always strike this balance between playful and heart-breaking - almost whimsical in nature, you mean everything, every part of it, and I can't help but laugh at how true your writing is while also being sad.

    My favorite line: When will you speak the words you so cleverly harvest?

    And thank you for your brilliant comment on my blog. I really needed to hear it.

  2. A life of paradox
    Non-dual in the least
    Apparent contradictions
    Landing softly
    Upon an empty plain.

    The landscape speaks
    announcing to the world,
    to all the passing clouds
    its own hidden
    interior motives.

    A stubborn traveller
    Is now convinced
    That this valley
    Offers a perfect place
    To get lost in.


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