Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Painter

I disagreed with the painter about the beautiful blue sky day. He laughed at me and my violet wellies. I sneered. My brow may have furrowed some too. I probably stomped my foot a little and I also may have growled. I wasn't worried about offending him and he certainly wasn't aiming to please. 

I just wanted a little more rain is all. 

And for the painter to stop being such a tease.


  1. Ahhhh Rain,
    Varuna's Liquid Sunshine...
    growling,stomping,AND a furrowed brow, ;o ;O ;O
    now that would have been quite a sight to see,
    Akka B ...

  2. I too, would like a little more rain. Beautiful blue skies have their time to shine - but rain should get a little bit more credit for all the good it showers down upon us :)


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