Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear Friends, 

strangers, lovers, stragglers, writers, entrepreneurs, poets, peace makers, mothers, fathers, children, cousins and spy's.... I'm taking pause with this one sweet blog --- spot --- for one --- short --- time. There's a project piled on my desk that needs some tender loving care - a little promise to myself I'm trying very hard to keep. So excuse me for a few days, a week, perhaps a week and a few days while I sort myself.... 

Meanwhile, instant Drunk Love gratification can be had on the Drunk Love Heart Fan Page over at that place called Facebook. Join me there for spontaneous poetic drinks, almost nearly real time exchanges and hopefully a smile or two.

A kiss on the forehead for when the day falls dry. X

Always Love, 

akka b.


  1. Go do it. Take a life time if you will. It will be so worthwhile. It already is. As is. As you are- You are. You.

  2. Yay for giving ourselves breaks to actually get stuff done...and having the wisdom to know when to spend time blogging and when to spend it working.

    Go give some extra love and care to your projects and we'll be here when you get back!


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