Sunday, April 4, 2010

Definition of a Drunk Love Heart #1: as told by akka b.

My own heart walks toward me... my very own heart.
Sprawled across decades. My decades. 

How can I explain
The enormity of these encounters...
And what it feels like to watch your own heart walk toward you?

Imagine the moon comes to join you for a midday lunch.
Imagine the sun meets your eye as you cross in a hall. 

Like when a tree falls outside your bedroom window;
The breaking sound - the way the house shakes.

When summer sky gives birth to
Thunderstorm... that all over feeling.

A sense of transparency - someone knowing you too well. 
You can't look at them, but you can't look away. 

How can I explain?
What happens when the universe falls all over you.
The Whole Universe.

To describe it like a plane landing in your front yard would be weird, right?

How can I explain
What it's like to see your whole heart outside your body and walking toward you?

And realize it.
Realize what can't be explained.


  1. If the word beautiful did nt exist ..i wonder how else i d have talked to you....

  2. Akka B. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    yes, B as in Beautiful...

  3. Beautiful. I hope you are well and that your heart, while it is on the move, is being well-tended to.

  4. You can't look at them, but you can't look away ...

    So true, that's why sometimes I'm finding that contemplation is a must. Thanks for a sweet and compassionate insight.

  5. OMG, I just followed you over here from my pal Phoenix's blog! I love this poem. It just shimmers off the page, like sunlight on water. I've often said that writing poetry is like putting our hearts on the street and getting them covered with tire tread-marks...and yet, and yet, we keep tossing out tender hearts back out on the street... Thank you for sharing your heart. Blessings!


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