Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Want To Be Olive Oil

To pour over things and rub into places, fuse flavors, stimulate appetites, move without hesitation, make skin glow...

I want to sit under an olive tree

I want to be Olive's Tree

I want to be Olive

Fragrant Olive

Delectable Olive

Oil of Olive


The Flow


  1. olive and the flow...sounds like a good name for an all girls' band :) I can play tambourine.

  2. I happen to really love olive oil in everything so yeah,go for it Akaa BEE Olivia pesto sundried tomato...presto magnifico!

  3. Beautiful fusion, wreathed in olive branches, squeezed into a vessel of oily delight, and poured upon the salad of your words, to smooth the crunchy sweet food of the poetic.

  4. Oh I love this. I want to be olive oil too :) Magic words.

  5. I just want to be olive oil because it makes every dish absolutely amazing. :)


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