Thursday, September 22, 2011

River Runs Through Me

 Thank you Tom for sharing this video!
Inevitable it is, that the creek will reach the sea
The creek knows this, and so does the sea
So the trickling waters; sometimes an exuberant melody
Sometimes a violent thunder of pressing
Wraps her curiosity around roots of shore plants 
To see how long they will hold
And softens sharp stones with her willingness 
And wills the rain to fall more down
And surrenders to the sun, that might will her into rain 
And release her to the sea, 
Before she can soften all the sharp stones, 
Uproot all the mountain shrubs 
And feed small purple dragonflies - samples 
Of her industrious continuity... 


  1. 'A living Bridge' from the creek to the sea!, so to are you, with rhythm and rhyme, and poetry!.....stretching out into the future, being drawn into the clouds, to rain your words of wisdom down upon the ground, that the living tree of which we are all a part, may sup, and grow strong in the constant flow of the wisdom and love that pass through you.... you are a great blessing Akka B...thank you for being!

  2. RMP - you are a dear heart. Thank YOU and you're WELCOME. :-D


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