Friday, October 7, 2011

baby Acorns

Thank you brother atma for your photo shopping magicalness!

Finally 36!! 



 Now What?

 tree corns

roots up

oh fine,

all write


  I just have one or two more things to say... and they have nothing to do with birth, or coming of age, or rounding the bend, or where have I been, or what's for dinner, or what's my favorite whatever. NO. The one or two things I have to say involve...

Thinking LIGHT

  Which either has to do with thinking about light, or thinking lightly, or a nice practical thinking light.

I think I've just said 
the one or two more things. 


akka b.


 Please feel free to congratulate me.


  1. Congratulations! light bright star think i wish a tree of wisdom drink, and there it is :) xo

  2. In the Jewish tradition, 36 is twice-18, which is the numerological value of the word "chai" which means "life" (or more precisely "living", as in "the process of life"). Any number which is a multiple of 18 is said to have a powerful spiritual significance. So, double-congratulations on reaching double-18! May your joy and abundance be doubled, and doubled again, and doubled again.
    And here is a song for you:

  3. have a happy magical birthday full of poetic vision, sunshine and big warm fuzzy hugs to fill your heart and imagination!

  4. Bubbly Light fantastic!!!.... a day to celebrate to celebrate the day!!!!...hooray! :))) <3

  5. thank you and thank you and thank you and thank you!

    and also, thank you


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