Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Nice Angels And A Girl Standing In The Rain Trying Not to Die

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Even Thunder can't budge her. 

How is that possible? Thunder always budges her. 

No, she's unbudgeable. 

What about the Lightning she asked for and was so generously bequeathed? 

She liked it. 

You mean to say it didn't change her life like she expected it to? 

Well, she expected it to, but she didn't really want it to. 

Her reasoning please? 

She wasn't ready. 

And why, pray tell, wasn't she ready?

She said she lost something and wasn't willing to die before she found it. 

Does Thunder & Lightning make her die? 


And that's why she loves it so much? 


Except in this one instance when she wouldn't let it...?


Because she lost something?

She called it "Purpose" but refused to offer a description. 

So, she didn't reeaally want to find it again. 

Well, she didn't want help finding it again. 

Maybe her "Purpose" got struck by lightning while she was standing in the rain trying not to die?

That seems sensible. Should we tell her?



  1. FOR THE SAKE OF CLARITY: "Dying" in the thunder & lightning is meant metaphorically as a part of self that must dissolve/change in order for the new to enter. (As much as I enjoy 'walking the edge' I would never wish to actually physically die in a thunderstorm, until I'm 93 that is - then indeed I WOULD like to physically die in a thunderstorm. WOW! That would be a blast!! :)

  2. This one hurts me true. What is the purpose of my life? I cannot blame a thunderstorm for taking it.

    1. I feel like there are times we know and then sometimes when we have to let go ~ I found myself holding too tightly to one version of my direction and not being able to move forward at all. I get the sneaking suspicion that letting the one idea of 'how I think it's supposed to be' dissolve, will help me see another version I've been overlooking for quite some time.

  3. Beautiful imagery. Shakespeare also used the term "die" to reflect self changing so that the new could enter (he often related it to sex, neatly enough.)

    I think most poems contain metaphors, I would never worry that this poem is a death wish for you! :) You have too much life and passion for that.

  4. rain

    i want to know what rain is
    who shot it down
    what flowers call it
    what the bodies of the dead hear in their chambers
    are there voices between the drops
    does it remember before the cloud
    is it a girl
    what color is it
    does it want the stream
    does it ache to flow to weep across the earth
    where is its ladder
    is it easy to make a rainbow
    is it ecstasy to become snow
    does it love
    does it want me to turn my face upward
    should I kiss it
    shall I drink
    oh tell me what the rain is


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