Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day! May Day! :: and the 7th sense

Does this make sense?

Sense of Eat
Sense of Ear
Sense of Ouch
Sense of Whiff
Sense of Sea
Sense of Sixth

*Sense of Humor

Oh Great Goddess of Sense of Humor
Please remind your friends of the J O K E you have played.  
Ya know, THIS LIFE ---- the funniest JOKE ever made!!!

photo of akka b. by Raksha Boiteau

* H A P P Y  B E L T A N E *
horned gods
ribboned poles
maids of milking
fired holes
sense of smell
sense of sight
flowers fall
where jokes alight 


What will you do to reinvent your life today?


Insert your heart here: dizzy, dancing or otherwise.