Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Luck of the Draw

you should know…

i have been drawing you all my life

simple lines
a smiling mouth
sunshine in the top corner part of the page
a flower

i don’t know the color of you eyes, or your name,
so i don’t put that part in

but i do know you may be oceans away…or right next-door

so i draw both

you have a kind shape and a warm heart
a laughing face and hands that hold

but the best part, is that you are lucky


that someone like me, knows how to draw you so well…

and i am lucky

that someone like you,
has always been drawn, to someone like me


  1. Beautiful drawing and beautiful poem.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  2. I really love thaT ONE! I hope you find your muse soon...or not..

  3. I love love this one- I cant wait to find out who it is..........and what color his eyes are.

  4. so many good things to look forward to...

  5. blue eyes, an ocean away,
    and very lucky...;)


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