Monday, November 30, 2009

Overruled & Measuring Up

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If it's a matter of measuring, well then yes perhaps a measuring stick might come in handy. Having something to measure oneself against, so one might know where one stands...or for that matter, what one is up against. But, I ask you this... does knowing what one is up against, say anything about the one who is up against it?

oh, and one more thing...

Who invented the rules... ahem, I mean ruler anyway?

And also...

How did (whomever that was) manage such straight lines?


  1. Oh, this IS the story (poem :) of my life. Thank you for expressing the words that help me know that other people find themselves trying to balance on those tight ropes, too. I can do it, but something always distracts me and I've toppled over in a messy heap of bewilderment. Only to looke up at the ruler in mutiny and rebellion.

  2. Mutiny and Rebellion? Wow-fierce!

    Have you ever tried laying the tight rope right down in your warm grassy bewilderment and THEN walking on it? It's much simpler and not nearly so far a fall. :)

  3. Some of the first concepts in the Vedas are about measuring. Measuring was a most sacred and encumbered activity- not for anyone, only the highest priests. In the Nâsadîya Sukta (Hymn of Creation) Rig Veda 10, 129, the poet-seers lay their string to measure up the manifest from the unmanifest. In Spanish you can still feel the Sanscrit root: medir y meditar, to measure and to meditate. Rules come so cheap now, we think anyone can measure. Only a true poet can.


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