Tuesday, December 1, 2009

but what is love?

When I close my eyes I see one extraordinary gossamer thread woven many billion times around the Earth. Threaded through our heart source, it links every one of us - to every one of us.

By this luminous silken line we share impermanence, permanence and the allusive concept of time. Past present and future exist here, but simultaneously. In the weaving and the woven, all information is stored. Our hearts - the button holes, by which we are sewn into the Grand Design.

The thread that makes us human.

When I close my eyes I hear every cry - near or far,
resounding, whispering. Tears fall and we all cry a little.

The love line tugs.

When I close my eyes I feel every euphoric boom of laughter
filling, completing us - making the world more light.
Every line etched deep within our skin, a gift.

Recognition - we are all the same.

Painted with prayers.
Strung like jewels.

By One Extraordinary Gossamer Thread.

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