Thursday, December 17, 2009

some angels make me laugh nearly every time

It's what happens every time you open an email from that one person.
Or get a phone message.

Or look at their picture - a little bit sideways.

It's what happens when life seems funnier than it really is,
so funny that it actually ends up becoming funny,

and therefore it ends up being okay to just call it funny in the first place.

It's what happens when you have to look at things upside down,

in order to see them right side up.
Now that's funny!

And then there's the person who makes you smile even when they are being really serious.

Like REALLY serious.

Oh...and also there's that bit about life turning out exactly how you thought it wouldn't be.
(Did I already say that?)

How about when you trip...when trying to act cool?

Or when you get a hug for your dry sense of humor.
Or when you walk through the life of a person who radiates heart-beams
and you just can't help beaming right back.
Oh gosh that's good.

Really Good.

I believe all these things and moments and people are angels.

yes I do.

(nod to N.S. and A.K.)


  1. and we just can't help

    beaming right back...

    really really good...

  2. Oh Akka,
    you ARE radiating heart-beams.
    Oops, I wasn´t aware that you are an angel!

  3. I seriously hope I am not one of those who makes you laugh when I am trying to be serious.

    I mean it.


  4. Perfect. Such a good poem - and I believe those people are angels too.

    However - I also like to think that those people who infuriate me to no end and make me want to kick their ass - those just might be angels as well :)


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