Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drunk Love Sleeping Pill - WHERE did akka b. go?

My drunk love blog has taken a drunk love sleeping pill. Have you noticed? Where did akka b. go? Did she fall off the sidewalk? Did she fall in love? Did she fall like a leaf? Did she take a trip? Did she GET A JOB!?! Did she get lost in the woods? Did she drink too much tabasco sauce? 

Oh, I have so much to share with you... it drives me crazy how much! But instead of sharing every turn on my trail, right this very second, I am saving up my creative surprises and investing them ALL (or mostly all) in a whole new website, with a slightly and perhaps entirely new direction, and slightly and perhaps entirely new look!

Sometimes it just takes a while to do the next thing. 
I bet you know what I mean? 

Meanwhile, please keep up with my whereabouts, wanderings and wonderings by hanging with me over here: FACEBOOK. I'll be posting updates and letting everyone know when the new website will launch. Also, I'm totally digging INSTAGRAM - a favorite new distraction as of late, where I'm having a jolly ol' time making pretty photos that look like poems. At least to me they do.   

Hope every one is well and thriving. 

My heart feels tickly imagining our wonderful exchanges soon to come. 

Till then, Cheerio!

akka b. 


  1. Oh yes, I was wondering what had happened to you, Akka B. I like the fact that your heart feels tickly with imaginings.
    Happy New Aeon!

    1. I was just thinking of you the other day Susan! Truly. Hope your well and writing away on your side of the pond... Much Love.

  2. pip pip!!!

    wonderful to knows your nose knows the no's, you knows?... for without the nose knowing the no's, what would the yes smell like?

    toodle pip, until then! stay in the now! :)


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