Monday, April 30, 2012

Libra with a Scorpio Moon: 10 Wild Secrets of Akka B.

photo of & by: akka b.

Secret #1: I was conceived in Native American healing grounds - near a creek, in a cabin, under some trees. 

Secret #2: I'm a Libra with a Taurus Ascendent and a Scorpio Moon. That means I'm a charming negotiator seeking balance between a very earthy, luxurious, beauty filled relationship to the world and good 'stuff' and a vivid calling to mystical dimensions, longing to to live as a hermit, delve into the psychic realms,  spiritual pursuits and leave the "real" world far far behind. 

Secret #3: I was raised in the multi-generational home my grandfather built. Meaning... with my two brothers, my parents, my grandparents and a dog.

Secret #4: We didn't go to church when I was a kid, we went to see an Indian Guru who I thought was Santa Claus. Well, I knew he wasn't Santa Claus, but he sure seemed as magical and even MORE magical than Santa Claus to me. He could read my mind and made my heart burst open like a thunder storm. 

Secret #5: When I was a kid I didn't like playing with toys or kids - they were an intrusion on my private River of Imagination. When kids did come over, I would hide the pictures of my Indian Guru in the closet so they wouldn't have a chance to make fun of the guy in orange with a strange bindi on his forehead. 

Secret #6: I'm actually an introvert.

Secret #7: I didn't think I would be a writer and I didn't try to become a writer - I just am a writer. I'm a writer because I'm an observer. I didn't talk much as a kid, I watched. Even when I started talking more, I kept watching - examining patterns and listening to everything that went unsaid. When I felt like it, I wrote my observations down. After a while I came to understand the healing power of words and embraced them as a means of self-expression and catalyst for transformation. 

Secret #8: I'm actually a healer. When I want to... I see lights around people and in the sky and IF I want to, I can see spirits and hear what people aren't saying out loud. When I was a kid I could use my hands to heal, now that I'm an adult, I use my words.

Secret #9: I'm a single mom to a 12-year-old amazing girl child, born on the hottest day in August after an owl left a feather on the lawn. She's my rock and I am her magician. 

Secret #10: I love mango's with all my heart. Please send me some.


  1. I have four mangos ripening on the TV. Will share if you come here. (No money for postage.) Must . . . get . . . job . . . Must . . . obtain . . . bank account . . . phone . . . car . . .

    Or not.

    1. Mango Antennas!! Good luck for finding job, car, bank account, phone etc..:)

  2. Hi A B and beyond

    I've got a mango tree,with mangoes on it... it might be further away than you can imagine...:)

    1. oh Robert, (whoever you are)
      a mango tree to me
      is never way too far...


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