Friday, August 27, 2010


Okay, whatever, so I borrowed the goggles - used them, stuck them on my fat little face. 

Do you know that for years I have been swimming without goggles? 

Do you know that for years I haven't really been swimming, because I can't swim without goggles?

I didn't even realize I hadn't been swimming, until yesterday, when I started swimming.

And oh my was I swimming... I was swimming and swimming and swimming.

I was the Forrest Gump of swimming!

Here it is: 

Contact lenses are really great for seeing, but they really suck for swimming. No lenses, means not knowing where I'm swimming, and not knowing where I'm swimming... is really not worth the swimming. On the other hand, wearing contact lenses means going in, without going under - which is basically equivalent to balancing a chocolate bar on my nose in ninety degree weather and never ever, ever getting to take one bite!

For years I have been either seeing OR swimming, but not seeing AND swimming!

But, I'm not quite sure what the metaphor is. 

Imagine that?


Insert your heart here: dizzy, dancing or otherwise.