Thursday, March 19, 2009


ART doodles you find on these pages are accidental. By no means have I ever considered myself an artist in the classic sense. NO WAY. But I do to try to get some of the images in my head out of my head...just for the heck of it.

Usually they're a total muck-up of what is actually hidden upstairs ~ but it's all I've got, and it's what I can give, and it can't be helped.

I'm just trying to be braver, that's all.

enjoy the folly.


  1. Awesome! well said. I took a mixed media class this last quarter and brought in art work that made me feel vulnerable, but was good experience. I felt raw sometimes. I am not a trained artist, but think it is good to give myself permission to create art.

  2. Oh so many self pronounced artists would kill for a thimble of you art!


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