Sunday, April 19, 2009

for ~ give ~ ness

for ~ give ~ ness,

I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve been waiting.
Practicing too, I suppose.
So often the most essential ingredient is overlooked.
Like it might be all together too good, if you put the flour in.
Or take the flour out ~ in some cases.

I get so enamored by what my heart can do…
I fail to remember what
it still hasn’t done.

The doing and undoing.
like a heart valve – regulating.
In. out. In. out.

Beat, bum bum, beat, bum, beat beat. Ta.

hands – deepen with lines – deepend with thoughts – memories

I unfurl hidings
finger by finger
wrinkle by wrinkle

Pouring out, like golden wine…
To place upon your table.
In a glass beside the bread without the flour,

but with the flower, that became the bread, by the hand...

that opened.

Because of time, and becoming ready.


For * Give * Ness * Sake

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