Monday, April 13, 2009

on my knees

Lovely Little Heart Man Sculpture: Alex Avina
Lovely Little Heart Man Photo: Megan Bowers Avina

i pulled my heart out for you...

do you want to know why?

it's the way you look at clouds, that's what.

i really mean you can have it, you can.

for the sake of finding my voice when it disappears,
you are good at knowing where the words go.

do you want to know something?

sometimes I tuck your favors in to my pocket - for later,
...because you ask them of me,
and they have the smell of you

Did I mention I like the way you hold me?

(even though i don't have much practice being held)

i pulled my heart out for you, i did.
because it's all i have left,
and i need someone to keep it

will you?
Keep it?


  1. My friend's husband made her this endearing little love man with a BIG heart figurine (from scrap metal) a few days inspired me to give the little guy a story, because it seemed like he had one.

  2. pink moon...gonna get ye horns!

    truly there is nothing so essential as beauty, and beauty is the last thing anyone can ever really share ABOUT. But i think your finger pointing at the moon of BEAUTY is probably the nicest thing i've stumbled on this week. Reminding me of the core of wonder... the unspeakable... the solitary deep that opens into everyone...eventually.
    thanks for doing this. will attach a patti griffin song to an email for you. hope you like. best, aaron zweig

  3. yes how to capture the uncapturable, the ever moving, ever changing? all one can do is try...not to capture so much, as become perhaps, inspire a little, and love it all.

    even the messy bits.

    Thank YOU so much for sharing.

    warms my drunk love heart.

    hope you come around often!

    akka b.

  4. So beautiful! I so love your poetry, ladybug, it brings me joy!

  5. ladybug? - awe shucks...o.k. ;-)

    Love ya Jen!

  6. I will keep your sweet mango heart...
    right on my Puja,
    in the Sunlight
    where it can ripen even MORE...


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