Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Full Heart Hobby


This activity is NOT for non-believers.
It is an act of full FAITH and it works
every are, fully FAITH FULL.

First Embrace in your heart the BIG BURNING QUESTION of the moment. Questions about work, money, family, health, relationships, children, travel, fear, guilt, depression, pleasure, wonder, forgiveness or retirement.

(Not necessarily in that order - one-at-a-time - and please be creative)

Then, holding your favorite topic in mind...stroll over to a bookshelf, close your eyes and let your fingers trip over the perfect book. (It will be the perfect book, please don't worry). Pull it out carefully (keeping your eyes closed)
flip through the pages slowly, let the pages stop by themselves and open your eyes to the first place they fall - OR before opening your eyes, take your index finger and swirl it around the page until it stops.


What you will have is a word, a passage, a paragraph, a photo, or sometimes a whole page containing an answer. Sometimes the answers are obvious and very direct, sometimes they come in the form of an example or a story that might reflect what you are going through.

It's really fun


you will receive exactly what you need.

For this very occasion - for my drunkest love hearts
I will play this game and pull a few words.

The emptiness
grows gorgeous, blooms
in my throat.
I open the window

to scream my first word.
~ Freya Mansfield you try.


  1. Oh I'm gonna go do it right now!!!

  2. "The gauge of a good poem is the size of the love bruise it leaves on your neck,or the size of the love bruise it can paint on your brain
    or the size of the love bruise it can weave into your soul-or indeed it could be ,
    all of the above"

    ...that's what I opened to...:) hmn

  3. DEREK: No, he's been alive for years. YOu'd know the difference.
    CLIVE: Yeah.
    DEREK: No, Richie came into my cab, humming, you know, snatches of, er, TRISTEN AND ISOLDE. I thought, 'Fucking hell! I thought you was dead!' I thought, you know. Anyway, he sat in the cab, whistling away, you know. I said, 'Hello! I recognise that leitmotif!'
    CLIVE: Yeah.
    DEREK: Yea, and he recognised, you know, another soupl on his wavelength, and he said, 'F**k off, c*nt!'
    CLIVE: In German or in English?
    DEREK: No, in English. I said, 'You speak very good English for a c*nt.' Anyway, I pulled over, I looked round, I said, 'What was all that about?' I says, 'You can f**king get out the cab as far as I'm concerned.' I said, 'Get out the f**king cab!' I said, 'You may be Richard Wagner, but you can't come in my f**king cab and tell me to f**k off.'

    WOW! THAT WAS REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY APPROPRIATE!!! Sorry about the profanity!! I tried to camoflage it somewhat! hahhaha!!!
    Angelique xx

  4. Funny. ;-)

    ya never know what you're gonna get.

    sometimes love bruises

    sometimes err...Fu**king Richard Wagner. pff.

  5. A loud crash from the circle of trees broke like THUNDER, and we shriekedd, or t least we tried to cry out, but no sound issued from our open mouths as a black BOAR ran out of the forest. he ran straight for us across the battered meadow. We screamed our silent scream again, nor was there any noise from the hooves of the beast, which moved at us with the speed of a gazelle. I thought we were going to die, and my eyes filled with pity for our mothers...

    The Red Tent. Anita Diamant

  6. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  7. Well I'm not sure if you are Jennifer or Margaret...but either way I am SO glad you are reading along and hope these pages offer some inspiration. I am on blogging hiatus for another week or so as I am on Holiday and am taking a break, but do look for new posts soon.

    Best Regards,

    akka b.

  8. We will do this game at our end of year Totnes poetry workshop on Monday... and maybe on Friday with another little Dartmoor poetry group!

    Thank you so much for reminding me of it and writing about it so well!


  9. I asked:
    How do I expedite getting to live under the same roof as my beloved?

    I got:
    " father.. set up a music room for the mother worked with my dad as writer-editor combo.."

    hmm.. an interesting two-pronged plan has been suggested..


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