Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pioneer of This...

The incentive is clear...

When you are ONE standing before a confluence of trees and winter is coming
and you have no home
and you have no food

you either,
begin looking for a good place to die

you start building a home and gathering food

with what is before you

You have to make, with what you have, because that is what you have been given.

and if you make good use of what you have
and ask politely...

The giving keeps giving...

We are the pioneers of all this. The pioneers of our own bounty. Carving our own landscape. Fashioning our own home.

We need WATER to keep us FLUID. FRUIT to keep us SWEET. We need WOOD to keep us WARM, and EARTH to keep us HERE. We need SKY to call us forward and MOON by which to sleep.

Then...when SUNSHINE returns we will know how to gather it under our sails, cherish more,
and recycle it throughout the year

with gratitude,



  1. There is so much love, and so little time. So much to give, and so much to hold.
    I am eternally grateful that YOU are in my life.

    Your wisdom and love exceeds the limits most place on things. XO Ae....We miss you (WE is the committee in my head, LOL)

  2. SO MUCH





  3. LOL! WOW, so powerful and deep! What a beautiful comment from Anonymous. You embody your name, Akkamahadevi.


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