Friday, August 7, 2009

Under Influence of the DRINK

I walked away for a while ~ you may have noticed.

I went away from the dailies and took to the forest with a bottle of juice.

Drunk Love Heart JUICE

I drank every day.

I drank every morning

I drank in the night when the child was in bed.

I drank for the sake of drinking,

for the sake of looking, for the sake of being.

I drank so much I began to becoming.

Becoming the dirt and moss

Becoming the rain and trees

Becoming the thunder and light

Inebriated I forgot my name

Intoxicated I forgot my place

Influenced I forgot my inhibitions

Inhibitions always run from Love Heart JUICE


I’m home now and with a FULL BELLY

Full Belly’s are so BECOMING

Come over



  1. So you think it may have normalized you, huh?? I think, not you, never. Grounded maybe....I think you're getting those two adjectives mixed-up. Grounded, yes, but not necessarily normal. And I mean that in the most loving and endearing way : )

    I went to see "Breakfas at Tiffany's" last night on the big wonderful! But, the whole way through I thought of you because Audrey Hepburn in her character reminded me of you very much. Both in her look, but behavior and quirkiness, and sillyness, and charm, and free-spirit. I got a kick out of it. Have you ever noticed that? But, of course you don't have her flaw of chasing after men for their money, the rats or super rats as she calls them.

    I'm glad you took that quiet time for deserve it and it's healthy!

  2. Maybe I should acquire the flaw of chasing after men for their money. ha! - joke ya'll, joke. (kind of)

    Thanks strawberryblondie - you're the best!


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