Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cutting and Pasting

Going away from it.

because why?

Well, the story is like a thousand times more stubborn than me.

and also.

because why not?

It doesn't fit under my hat.

or my belt buckle.

or in my shoe.

and also.

It's not that becoming.

Plus it weighs a lot.

and also.

It never wants to let me go.

Even though I am sure it's not my fault.

well, it might be.

But anyway, I'm still going to go away from it.


  1. The picture brings the 'it' together; although the piece itself is so open to interpretation and can fit in so many aspects of life... 'it never wants to let me go' captured? Captivating.

  2. So glad you are DRINKING it up KAY.

    oh yeah~ roll yourself in it.


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