Friday, September 11, 2009

sometimes i throw tantrums

no. i really do.

sometimes people get in my way and i want to bite their ears off.

i also glare a lot.

and growl a little.

flinging under-digested weight around like a boulder.

an invisible one.

and invincible too.

i'd like to think.

anyway ~ i'm sorry if it makes you cry.

kind of.


  1. ok some growlin is fine
    n glaren is ok too
    but no bitin' da ears off!...
    a little nibble ...
    but no bitin' em' off..
    ears are non- refundable...

  2. oh ~ it's just a figure-of-speech.

    kind of.

  3. This is great! Even though you are exposing your dark side there is a lot of joy that comes through your writing - ha ha!.

  4. Ohhh aren't we all alike some days. Not in the mood now but gladd to know that everyone passes this stage sometimes. :-)))))

  5. well ... that was just great. Again.

    also, I just tagged you in a post over on my blog ... so, go check it out!!

    jonas :)

  6. ah jonas ~ you're too kind. And I am so glad. Thank you for the nod. Now. I wUnder what my one word/s will be?

  7. here through jonas wunderman, one poem down and I am already in love! :) Can't wait to tackle more


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