Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I feel encouraged by MOON to eat your HEART tonight.

sweet plum moon

In fact MOON shared some secrets...

sweet cherry blossom moon

Said the MOON,

"If you are going to fill yourself,
fill yourself all the way."

oh moon

"If you are going to empty yourself,
empty all the way..."

sweet giving moon

"If you are planning to eat someone's HEART,
eat their entire HEART."

sweet hungry moon

Tonight MOON drank three-thousand flasks of
Blue Cosmo Liqueur and gave sound advice

sweet blue moon

So yes, tonight I feel encouraged to eat wholeheartedly

(because of what MOON said)



  1. as usual, very beautiful and very filling...
    (and much better than potatoes) ;)

  2. Last night I could't sleep (I never can when there's a full moon). And it was seeping trough the curtains as if the lights were on in the back yard.

    I stood up and enjoyed the blue moon.
    Happy 2010

  3. Wholeheartedly
    with allofyourheart?


    Thank you Akka, for this heartfelt and moonfilled contemplation.

  4. aKKA,
    This is beautiful...eating the moon...ummmm is so yummy!
    but the moon eating the heart is totally another sensual love affair!

    A very joyous new year, many moons swollen with love!


  5. Come on over and bring your drum for I need you to charm the Moon.
    Sing her a lullaby!
    Oh, but a joyful lullaby!
    A cheerful lullaby!
    One that will make her laugh her full laughter!
    One that makes us all go round and round and round!
    She so enjoys you drum!
    Sing her a lullaby and thank her for me.
    I shall dance!


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