Wednesday, December 9, 2009

whole world in my...

The only thought I had was to cup my hand...

i found you
sitting in it
dancing a little
pouting some

Weaving gardens in the sand.

Between wrinkled creases, you traded rubies for goblets of lovely wine.


Having grown restless with excessive drink,
you scaled my lumpy fingers to improve upon your view,
and caught my eye.

My eye, being three times larger than your head,
must have startled you - like a dream,
because you vanished.

Only to return when light grew dim.

So you could hide behind my thumb,
so you could look without being seen,
so you could hope I wouldn't notice.


With sandy toes and ruby garlands.


  1. Sometimes I think this is exactly how inspiration works. You sit, quietly, with an open hand, and wait for it to come to you. You let it perch, visit a while, never trying to hold on and grab and yank and keep...and it gives you its gift, and then it is gone.

    I love it. Beautiful illustration as well!

  2. don't look right at it or it might fly away
    like a flicker at the suet
    hungry enough
    just enough


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