Saturday, January 9, 2010


What you left me with...
I call it kindling.

You may have thought I had nothing without you,

but the sCraps you abandoned in a pile on my floor.
(Oh wait, you took the floor)

Were you hoping to leave this mess for me to remember you by?

Well, it worked.

But guess what?

To my advantage.

I call it kindling.
Your forever gift to me.

Wealth in Fuel.

Tokens of misunderstanding,
left for me to burn brighter by.

Would this be a good time to

thank you?


  1. gawd i love that. must be the dumpee in me, but those sCraps are awfully good kindling for a cathartic movement. wow ... a whole lot of scatological discussion goin' on. ;)

    kindle on for 2010, AKKA B.!!

  2. It's a very old stone in my shoe that rears it's head now and again...but DAMN did it make me potent. ;)

  3. Kali ...
    the BONFIRE...

  4. Beautiful. I think I can relate a bit. :)


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