Thursday, August 5, 2010


[This post is part of the LIFE EXPERIMENTS SERIES - a tribute to leaving my job, to live my dream. To follow the journey click HERE, or on the LIFE EXPERIMENTS tag at the bottom of this post... all related postings can be found under this category.]

  It began with a purge, a need to rid my life of all excesses. 

  After giving notice at work, I would have guessed my energy might naturally turn toward scratching up alternate sources of income. No. All I could think about was how many ways to clear my life of all things that no longer made sense. Most immediately, STUFF. Physical, actual, hard with edges, lumpy, bumpy, cut & dry, crumple it up and throw it out - STUFF. By no means have I finished this compulsive sorting...I get distracted by nearly everything and likewise, nothing. There is an interesting momentum that takes grip when you say no to less than you were meant to be and yes to what you know you came here to be. 

  There's also a fear that comes knocking. Oh SHIT! What the hell have I done?! What was I thinking? I'll probably die. 

  Well, exactly. I will absolutely die. Someday. And therefore the fear gets overwritten with the ire to dissolve anything or anyone attempting to interfere with the uncanny force field I've resolved to water and prune everyday. Every minute really. 

  Interference is very sneaky... but more on that next time. 

  Stay tuned.


  1. staying focused on the task at hand is truly an obstacle we all attempt to hurdle (somedays/times multiple times in just one hour) ha!

    best wishes!

  2. Such energy in the face of loss. I stand in awe.

    How exciting, not to know what will happen next, which applies to all of us really, but when employed, we like to kid ourselves that we can predict it. But we can't.

    At least you have a clearer view than most of us after your purge.

  3. I used to read Feng Shui books all the time. And they do have a lot of good common sense in them. Like ridding your life of clutter actually does make you feel lighter and 'makes room for new experiences'. Feng Shui is translated literally as wind/water. The wind should blow freely through your home without impediment. I gave away about 5 garbage sacks of clothes and books and felt like a new person. It really works, this clearing of space. Happy clearing! Blessings!

  4. Thank you ladies. I'm actually going back in time a touch. Well, "clearing" is always a current, but this massive movement has already settled some. I'll try to get the next installment up later today or tomorrow... the part that includes what happens space kicks in. : )


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