Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lay an Egg

... Minutes before running out the door to read a fresh batch of poems for a live audience, I received a message from a friend.

Photo Credit: Jonas MacPhail

"Lay an egg" he said.


Break a leg 
Drink a keg

The man said, "lay an egg."

(And for some reason it made the whole world peel back 
like that snake skin I was writing about earlier today... )

I don't have to get hurt ------- to be lucky.
Or be under the influence of...




Just lay the darn egg
It's already made
It just needs to be laid

It's free.

Photo Credit: Atma Cornelius

Me. Laying an egg at The Ojai Art Center October 10th 2011

An event sponsored by The Bubble Publication.


  1. WHOA this made me smile so much i could feel it stretch my belly button.

  2. wheeeeeee!! Yay for egg-laying smiles!!


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