Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Newsletter Coming SOON!

Hi nice people who read this blog! Southern California has been outrageous and beautiful - as usual. Even though the beauty of this place forever stares us yuppy/hippies straight in the face, it's not always apparent when one is having a mood. I was totally stuck in my muck last week - but then, breakthrough! It arrived with that FAT full moon some of you may have noticed came to sit upon all of humankind the last couple days. Whoa! 

This post is to let you know two things: I'll be writing more about breakthroughs SOON - juicy, juicy! Alsooooooo...I'm working on an honest to goodness NEWSLETTER! Creating a real NEWSLETTER is sUper eXciting! It feels strangely personal to me, having a new tool makes me feel inclined to share even more really cool, magical and PRACTICAL things, in a simple effective way. Easy for me and fun for you!

The NEWSLETTER will be sent out - up to four times a month. Each one will be chock full of all kinds of goodies; Poetry, events, pictures, invitations, ideas, art, projects, offers, inspiration... 

Already receiving my sometimes-email? Do nothing. 
Never heard from me behind the scenes? Sign up now! 

First blast launches in 24ish hours. Youpee!

Much Love To All Of You Crazy Love Poets. Hope to connect with you soon! 

akka b.

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