Monday, February 22, 2010

As I Walk Away

Rest your tender cheek in my open palm. 
Let me hold you for a time, so the world can pause her spell. 
Find a place we can lay that I might look longer at your eyes. 
I want to acquaint myself more tenderly with the colors you chose. 
The colors by which you see.

Dear friend, I will try to remain calm about all of this.

So even in your retreat you might keep my palm

...even, as I walk away.


  1. omg, omg....let me hold you for a while..and have that spell. You beautiful poet how you steal my own soul from me!
    i would like to feel those palms in which love nestles!


  2. I belong to the lineage of Avaloky
    Of those who do not want to be saved as long as there is one who is not saved,
    Who are not content with eating if there is one who hasn’t eaten,
    Who cannot cover themselves with a blanket while another one is naked,
    In this world that can only exist as long it is night here while it is day elsewhere.

  3. Waa! Waa!

    So Beautiful...
    Perfect, Akkaji...
    just perfect.

  4. This is beautiful. It's so complex to - you giving peace and love to someone as you leave them - maybe it's for the best for the time being?

    Sad. But beautiful.

  5. COL - I'm glad our souls share common language.

    Adriana - May we always cherish our neighbors as we do ourselves.

    Narayan - As always thank you for your enthusiasm.

    Phoenix - Thank you for recognizing the complexities, but not to worry, the goodbyes in this story are not born from sadness, but a beautiful freedom and learning to love in - oh so many ways...;-)

  6. I feel you.

  7. So that is where our separation dissolves. Thank you Akka ♥


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