Monday, February 22, 2010

Bedding Prose

 It's because I feel guilty about bedding prose on a perfect day. As if the sky, too well lit, would attract misfortune - the eyes of the world might notice me missing and think to trace my steps. I should probably look busier than this. Lying here with words in my lap, loving them so...

I've been entirely selfish in my want of Thunder. Rain. Mud. Think of how many lovely events might have been canceled had I gotten my way. And all because I want to feel less guilty.

Selfish Writer Type. -- Call me that for short, won't you?


  1. Come thunder,
    And Mud
    Akka wants to Dance...
    and Her wisdom fills the Trees

  2. Something so carnal, spiritually sensual...yum ;-)
    so delicious!
    i lay very often in a bed of words in the arms of silence......but you do it in such a special way that my brains are releasing pheromones.....

  3. Hmn...maybe I should also tag this one in the "pheromone" category. I wouldn't have thought of it like that. ;-)


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