Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Gilded Door

There's this one door I love SO MUCH.
I know it's a funny thing to fall in love with a door, but thank goodness for funny things...right? It's not a gilded door as you might expect, with custom panels and silver knobs. No, it's a rather ordinary functional door, quietly doing its job; opening, closing etc.

But why akka b.? Why a door? 

Consider how many times life changes by opening a door, who you meet there, what you find there, what you leave behind. Falling in love with a door is easy; it records the living, hears every whisper, every tear, it lets you lean there - against it, slam it, bang it, walk through it...

Yes. I do believe the most sensible way to get through a wall is by using a door.

Either side lets you in or leaves you out - holds in warmth, keeps out cold, holds generally. And of course it makes you question. 

Question where you are going, what you are doing, why you are doing it, what made you do it. Question choices, courage and letting go. Letting it be. Letting it open. 

I've left my breath near a door many times - and found it too. 
For these reasons every door is certainly worthy of love. But it took this one door... this one odd door, to show me how to love them ALL. And that - is how I came to love this particular - ONE.   most.  


  1. This is one of the best poems I've read.

  2. yes, a door.
    a gateway.
    Between in and out.
    inner and outer.
    Me and you.
    Me and me.

    Breath enters and leaves.
    Enters again.
    I stand at the door
    a humble gatekeeper
    collecting donations
    for this temple.

  3. ... left my breath near a door ...
    Akka, there is a door in my heart where I wait, breathless, for every new poem from you, to enter.

  4. What I love about this one door is that it let ME in - along with so many others. The door of your immense heart.

  5. great insight to a rather 'ordinary' daily existence.

  6. I love doors. Windows too :) Anything that lets an exchange of life, a breeze, the sunshine, in or out...

    is blessed. In my opinion :)


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